The Best Online Trading Tip

If you want to be a successful Forex trader, this article, no matter how you find it, is good as the weight of gold in Fort Knox. I will reveal to you the best online forex trading tip I ever got and this has made me money like no other person (that I know of) for the past few months alone. Raking in a few thousand dollars a month – I am now financially independent and free to do anything I want – just by working a few hours a day, monitoring the market and making the right investment decisions. I have turned a profit at every corner because of this one tip I received a long time ago by some wizened trader who told me to stop whatever I was doing because I was doing it wrong, wrong, wrong.

I was letting the market control me. I was letting the market dictate my moves and thus my strategies were full of air because I was going about all the wrong way. What I had to do in fact was turn things around and ensure I was in full control of one of the most dynamic and colourful markets in the world today. With a turnover of 1.6 trillion a day and more than a few million and varied players from all over the world, what I needed most was to educate myself. But not on Forex, and not so much on how currencies work. These are all technicalities that I should be familiar with way before i decided to anything with the Forex capital market. What I needed to do was think outside the box and look into another box.

What is going on with the world today?

That is the question someone asked me a long time ago and all I could do was give some vague answers about some war here and some developments there. The problem here was I wasn’t treating Forex with the respect it deserved and I didn’t think it was a traditional commodities market that I could simply predict and control.

But it is!

It truly is. Watch the news and log online to find out what is going on in the financial world of today. Find out who have their hands on controlling markets and who are losing control. Who is trading with who and how are other markets being affected. Who is prospering and who might be losing control. Look at the major players, China, USA, and The Middle East. Look at export and import and whether volumes are going down. You do not need something as dramatic as the credit crunch for you to realise you have to sell your U.S dollars (or buy if you are projecting far, far ahead). Even the smallest variations of the market can turn a profit which you can use elsewhere in the market.

Don’t lose out and start reading into the smallest details and train yourself to think like an investor. Then will the money tap be turned on and you will be swimming in success.