The FX Currency Trading Market

For pure excitement and profit opportunity nothing can beat FX currency trading. This is the exchange of foreign currency by traders from every country in the world. With FX currency trading individuals are trading currency that they have for other currency that they want. The reason you do this is so that you can realize a profit. If you think that another currency will substantially outperform your own presently held currency on the day then you look to sell yours and buy the other. There are multiple trades that you can do to achieve your goal and you are always able to keep track of how each currency is doing as you buy and sell.

The largest percentage of the FX currency trading market is composed of those traders and dealers who are dealing in pure speculation. Over 90% of all the trades are done with the hope of realizing profits.

There is a smaller percentage of FX currency trading that is done daily that comes from the foreign trade market. The foreign trade market is composed of the large businesses and industries that are engaged in foreign commerce. They bring the money they have made from profits in to trade these currencies for their domestic currency or one of the major currencies of their choice. The entire amount of currency trading done daily in the forex marketplace is over 3 trillion dollars.

There are some currencies that do consistently better in the overall FX currency trading market and these are called the Majors. They are the main focus for most forex traders. These are the biggest and most powerful monies on the market. When you begin making trades of your own you will be able to make your own currency purchases from among the Majors. You can find the US dollar, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and the Euro listed among the Majors. Also included are the Swiss franc, Canadian dollar and the British pound.