Forex Autopilot System Programs 

You may be deciding between an autopilot system and a bot program. When you do an online lookup for them, you will be hounded by everyone to buy their product. The basic idea is that these programs will help you pick the trades for you. Bots on the other hand will actually buy and sell them without you doing anything.

Two of the best-known, and arguably most consistently successful Forex autopilot systems are "F.A.P.S. Forex Autopilot System" and "FOREX Backlash".

The premise of the Forex autopilot is that the program will be able to identify the trends and make suggestions for you to buy and sell pairs of currency. Usually it’s in the form of a red, green and yellow light system.

Autopilot systems are a dime a dozen. You need to do some research on the items you wish to use since some are great and others not so great. You can preview demonstrations at the websites as well as read up on their message board which ones will work of you.

When you are reviewing the sites, look for demonstrations that use live accounts. You really want the creators of the autopilot to put their money where their mouth is. It’s hard to tell if the demonstration is real or if it’s been forged.

The best way to pick one that is right for you is to look for one that offers a money back guarantee. You can go to a broker and create a trial or a dummy account that has no connection to the money you are trading with and try out the program. Then you won’t risk your hard earned cash and you can get used to the product.

Before deciding anything like this you must be familiar with the workings of Forex trading. It’s easy to do but there is high risk to losing your money. 70% of traders tend to loose their money in the long run. I suggest manually trading before you use a program like this. It may give you good tips for now, but there’s always the chance that it chooses wrong and it’s up to you to be able to discern a good trade and a bad trade.